The Fox’s musical style was born out of a combination of widely varied personal interests and influences, covering classic rock to modern pop with an emotional acoustic edge. Fox spent her formative years in the UK and as such has one of those funny accents (but you can’t tell when she’s singing). She comes from a folk background, inheriting her voice from her parents, both talented folk musicians. Fox herself became a professional singer at age 22 after joining with another musician to form a duo. Since travelling from the UK to Australia, she has been part of bands as small as two and up to five, but since settling in the Whitsundays has also settled back into being one part of a two piece. The other piece, Matty, picked up a guitar at age 12 and never looked back. His style was influenced by the virtuoso guitarists of the 70’s and 80’s. He joined his first band at 15 and has for the most part belonged to one or another since. Receiving several talent awards and competition wins he took himself on the road, but like most ended up staying in the Whitsundays and has done for a decade. Matty has already been a member of several successful bands locally. He has developed a playing style and skill level to emulate the culture of popular music of the modern era. The Fox’s working relationship continues to grow through a unique complementation of each other and their willingness to both compromise while allowing themselves to be influenced by the others ideas which has led to the lyrical/musical writing and production/recording of several original tracks, as well as recording several cover tracks which can be listened to via the Soundcloud link on our Facebook page. A number of demo videos can also be viewed through the page.