Let's See whats happening this weekend!
Boom Nightclub - massive night tonight with DJ Jonski and Constantine - DJ going head to head for an epic night! Doors open at 10pm
The beautiful Tahlia will be performing live at Banjo's Bar & Bistro Whitsundays from 7-10pm
Hamilton Island Captains Lounge we have the Aria DJ MR K rocking the foundations
SODA has Frothing Fridays - gearing up for the massive long weekend of the III Kings!!

‪#‎Boom‬ Nightclub- following up Fridays massive night Ctrl Alt Del and ‪#‎Fuller‬ will be blowing the speakers UP! Doors open at 10pm
‪#‎Soda‬ with their LOCALS ONLY Saturdays

We wish the 5 wedding couples this week all the best for their amazing days at ‪#‎Hamilton‬ Island, ‪#‎Waterline‬, ‪#‎Coral‬ Seas and ‪#‎Daydream‬